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Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference in Capitol Today

The Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference is starting in Washington DC today and will run through Friday, February 6, 2009. There is definitely an interest in this particular conference now since it is sold out after reaching maximum capacity.

On the speakers list are the EPA Administrator, three U. S. Senators, one U. S. Congressman and two state governors. Attending the green jobs conference will be members from the wind and solar industries, environmentalists, green construction and manufacturing, community activists (and organizers) plus the usual academic crowd.

There will also be a fair amount of small businesses and green entrepreneurs trying to get the attention of the Washington power brokers who will be working on President Obama’s green energy initiatives. As the solar, wind and other green industries are starting to turn brown because of the credit crisis and economic downturn, the conference will be promoting forward thinking solutions such as incentives, rebates and tax breaks.

There will also be much clarification on issues such as the differences between green jobs and green collar jobs, green career resources, current and future greenhouse gas and carbon markets, climate change, renewable energy and sustainability and green education. If green jobs are going to be the mantra for 2009 and beyond, the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference is a significant place to start.

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