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Run Your Car on Water Critics and Scammers Both Wrong

There are three groups of run your car on water people: critics, scammers and early adopters. The critics say that run your car on water devices (HHO generators) cannot work because of the first law of thermodynamics. Critics will also state the non-existence of a perpetual motion machine.

What the critics fail to understand time and again is that HHO generators supplement the fuel used in gasoline and diesel-powered engines. The critics continue to confuse 100-percent water-powered cars (the myth) with the reality that a car, truck or other vehicle can use a small amount of water, electrolyze it and inject this HHO gas into the intake system to increase gas mileage.

But, the critics are not as irresponsible as the scammers. The critics may be confused but the scammers are misrepresenting the technology. Time and again I’ve been to those run your car on water scammer sites that intentionally or through gross ignorance confuse HHO generators with hydrogen fuel cells or 100-percent hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines.

HHO generators supplement the fuel in a gasoline or diesel-powered engine. Hydrogen cars (in general) have nothing to do with gasoline or diesel fuel. There are a few exceptions of course such as bi-fuel vehicles that may run either hydrogen or gasoline separately (not mixed), such as those by BMW or Mazda but this is not the same technology as supplemental systems.

Now, the early adopters are those who are familiar with Yull Brown and Brown’s gas (HHO gas) and have some working knowledge of this supplemental technology. Early adopters may have invented their own HHO devices, created one using an eBook or created a replica device based on someone else’s design.

Early adopters know the different between HHO gas as supplementary fuel and the primary fuel most vehicles use for power. The early adopters are leading the charge to get HHO generators into every mechanic’s garage, car dealership, auto parts store and ultimately every vehicle nationwide.

Among all the junk sites on the Internet there is one run your car on water place that is trying to separate the fact from the fiction about HHO hydrogen on demand devices that is worth checking out. Even though right now the critics and scammers are a powerful force of misinformation, I am confident that the early adopters through practical application and education will eventually win this battle and in the end, drivers everywhere will benefit.

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