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Hydrogen Generators for My Car

In March 2008, I wrote an article for those who want to know how to run your car on water. The information there is still good. But, since that time the price of oil and gasoline has skyrocketed out-of-control adding to the momentum for people asking about “hydrogen generators for my car.”

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive an email or phone call about hydrogen generators for cars, so I thought I would provide an update on some additional information I have found since writing the original article.

For instance for the do-it-yourselfer there are ebooks that will give you a list of what to pick up from the local hardware store, help you put it all together and run it in your car or truck. From what I’ve been able to glean in my research, these units will help save 10 to 40-percent in gas mileage depending upon driving conditions, type of car and other factors.

There is also a DIY Yahoo Water Car Group that is very active where most users are either developing their own systems or using one of the hydrogen boosters offered some of the regulars on the board. Originally, this group was started because of Daniel Dingel and his hydrogen generator for his car, but my impression is this group has evolved into more of a self-help type of group with many like-minded individuals sharing ideas on how to make these devices work in their own particular vehicles.

Besides the DIY route, there are also some commercial units that one can buy and have professionally installed or at least they will come as a package deal with easy instructions on installing the unit yourself. Names such as Hydrorunner, Hydrogen Boost, Green Future Technology and National Vapor Industries sell commercial devices.

This last device is also currently being evaluated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which dictates to automobile manufacturers how many hydrogen, electric and plug-in electric vehicles they must deliver in the state.

It’s true that many people are skeptical of these devices and some work better than others. The lure of the “water car” has been around for many years. But, while many of the older hydrogen generators for cars may have been questionable at best, the new breed of these devices need a fresh look. With skyrocketing oil and gas prices, a small device that saves in both gas mileage and emissions may become the Next Big Idea for which we’ve all been waiting.

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