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HHO Generators – The Surge Is Working

HHO GeneratorI’ve been talking about HHO generators for a few months now. It’s been amazing how many critics have stated boldly and defiantly that HHO generators cannot work due to one math calculation or another. But, this theoretical “cannot work” has flown in the face of practical application.

There are throngs of people using hydrogen generators on their cars and trucks right now that swear by the results. The educational division of the National Hydrogen Association called H2&You has endorsed this technology it calls hydrogen fuel injection.

Now, when one exclaims that it is easy to run your car on water, then naturally a few eyebrows raise. People right now are looking for gas savers for their vehicles because of high fuel prices at the pump and don’t want to be taken for a ride by some gizmo that doesn’t work. This is understandable.

And, there are many shady websites out there that say one can run their car on 100-percent water or they confused hydrogen cars with gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles that use HHO generators for supplemental energy.

These HHO generators electrolyze water and create what is called Brown’s Gas or oxyhydrogen (hydrogen and oxygen) or HHO. People are slowly getting educated, buying HHO DIY eBooks and building their own HHO generators and sharing results on several different message boards.

The media seems to be catching on as well. There is a car dealership in Louisiana who is selling and installing HHO generators as part of their group of services they offer customers. And, what is particularly impressive to me is that two high school students from Chattanooga, Tennessee bought an HHO generator kit online, installed it in a GMC Vandura 2500 as part of a school science contest and received 19.5-percent better gas mileage in the vehicle.

The point is that people are catching on. The delayers and deniers will tell you why HHO generators won’t work in theory, but they can’t explain the reality of the actual results people are getting. The surge is working. And, in the not too distant future, everyone who wants one will have an HHO generator in their car saving gas and reducing emissions.

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