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HHO Generator Endorsed by Auto Repair Specialist Radio Host

With so much of the drive-by do nothing media critical of HHO generators for cars it’s refreshing to see a radio talk show host that is not only open-minded but knowledgeable as well. When one merely mentions run your car on water technology, you can loudly hear minds closing, see eyes rolling and feel the defensive armor coming up.

For years, the HHO generator has been associated with schemes, scams, shams and charlatans selling snake oil and perpetual motion machines on the Internet. But, just like science fiction that years later turns out to be science fact (remember the old stories about putting a man on the moon) it also turns out that HHO generators are real, viable gas saving technology.

A radio talk show host and columnist, named James Morris in Panama City, Florida already knows this. In fact, Mr. Morris owns an auto repair business in this same city and shares his expertise to local listeners and readers. I found an article by Mr. Morris where someone had brought up the same old inaccurate piece of information that critics often use about the HHO generator being “thermodynamically impossible”.

Mr. Morris sets the reader straight with his own hands-on test results of a GMC Envoy going from 15 mpg to 22 mpg city and 22 mpg to 38 mpg highway after installing an HHO generator purchased off the Internet.

Now, while some so-called automotive columnists will give their negative opinions of HHO generators without a single test being run, it’s good to see that at least one enlightened voice in the media is around to correct the critics.

This is not to say that all run your car on water systems have merit or that they work equally well. This is to say, however, that as an emerging industry the HHO generator is a gas saving device and industry that will not be oppressed or pushed away by the unenlightened, misinformed or those with ulterior motives.

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