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HHO Games & Expo Shows of Water Car Technology

I’ve blogged about run your car on water systems many times in the past. I’ve also taken a lot of heat from the critics for promoting this emerging green technology.

Next week, starting November 11, 2008 in Palmetto, Florida the HHO Games and Exposition will be legitimizing hydrogen on demand systems at the world’s largest gathering to date. The HHO Games & Exposition is being organized by Joe Shea and will include many notables inside the industry.

James Robey who started the Kentucky Water Fuel Museum and wrote the book “Water Car” documenting the inventions and industry to date will be there. Professor Cliff Ricketts from Middle Tennessee State University and a pioneer in alternative fuels will also be there.

The HHO Games event will be held at the 57,000 square-feet Mosaic Arena of the Manatee County Fairgrounds. Dozens of run your car on water inventors will be in attendance along with a supporting cast such as those who create EFIE devices, electrolytic fluid and even a patent attorney for those wanting to protect their inventions.

A few of the vendors who are selling their HHO generators will also offer installation and turning of the EFIE, MAF or MAP devices on the vehicles for one low price, so that buyers can simply drive away with their water car systems already installed.

HHO generator pioneer Bob Boyce is still questionable in regard to attending the event, but Ozzie Freedom of Water4Gas fame is said to be attending. Never before has such a large HHO event been held in the U. S. and the fact that so many people will be attending, along with several vendors and their testing equipment, should give the critics a moment of pause.

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