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HHO Fuel Saver in Mesa, Arizona Installed by Mechanic

A Fox News reporter interviews “Steve” in a mechanic’s shop at the corner of Power Road and McDowell Road in Mesa, Arizona about the HHO fuel saver that his company is installing on customer vehicles in order to save on gas and emissions. Steve talks about how the Ford Expedition he has installed the HHO fuel saver upon receives a 3 to 4 mpg increase because of the oxyhydrogen booster.

The Fox reporter interviews another guy named Steve (sort of like here’s my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl) who has an older model SUV, which looks like a GM product. The second Steve says he just taken his entire family in a 256-mile trip in the SUV and saved $70 to $80 because of the HHO fuel saver.

Now I had talked last Friday about two students from Chattanooga, Tennessee who had decided to engage in a run your car on water experiment with excellent results of 19.5 mpg fuel savings using their custom built HHO generators. Besides them, there is also another mechanic’s shop I would like to talk about as well.

The Hixon Autoplex and Alexandria, Louisiana is now installing HHO fuel savers purchased off the Internet as one of the standard products and services they offer. It’s only a matter of time until every AutoZone and Jiffy Lube offer HHO fuel devices as part of their standard offerings. I can see it now, “Yes, please change the oil, air filter and install an HHO fuel saver, please.”

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