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Electric Gas Saver Boosts Mileage

In the past, I’ve talked about run your car on water generators at length as a way to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions. But, HHO gas savers are not the only game in town.

Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA have developed a small device powered by the vehicle’s battery that will also reduce fuel consumption by as much as 20-percent. The device is a tube that is electrically charged and is attached near the internal combustion engine’s fuel injectors.

The electricity helps break down the droplets of gasoline, diesel, ethanol, kerosene or other liquid fuel into smaller droplets, which are then injected into the cylinders causing a cleaner, more full and efficient burn (sound a bit like the run your car on water gas saver? Yes, a little).

Anyway, after six months of road testing on the electric gas saver, the mileage increase was confirmed on a diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz. As one can guess, the Temple professors are pretty excited over the development as they have already licensed the device to Save The World Air, Incorporated for commercialization and mass marketing.

Now, over the past several months a mountain-load of gas saver devices have flooded the market. Most of them either don’t work or increase mileage a measly percent or two. But, with the power, prestige and reputation of Temple University behind this electrical gas saver, one tends to give merit to such a claim.

With gasoline and diesel prices what they are today, an extra 20-percent in mileage may just be the charge we all need to drop our gas credit card bill back to respectable levels.

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