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Tata Pixel Clean Diesel High Mileage Concept Car

Tata Pixel
Tata Pixel

Tata Motors of India has introduced a car conceptually designed for Europe. The Tata Pixel benefits from challenges Tata experienced in designing the earlier Nano. The Pixel concept car is a bit over nine feet in length, and it is purported to be the most efficient car that can still seat four adults. Most fuel-efficient cars now can only carry two adults and two children.

The Tata Pixel has a 2.6m. turning radius, making it extremely easy to park, even in the tightest spaces. Their IVT Infinitely Variable Transmission allows the outer rear wheel to rotate frontwards and the inner one to rotate backwards, and along with the acute angle capability of the front wheels, allows the tight turning radius. The Tata Pixel boasts excellent fuel economy and still offers control and performance.

The Tata Pixel has scissor doors. This allows people to get in and out of the car even in tight parking spaces. The style of the car appeals to today’s youth, and it boasts a human-machine interface, known as HMI, allowing certain functions to be controlled with a Smartphone.

Tata Motors designers feel that there is a place in Europe for their city car. The Pixel has a diesel engine in the rear, and the car has other features like intelligent battery charging that allow it to be seen as a true concept car.

Tata calls the turning radius of the Pixel “zero turn”, playing on the ease with which it maneuvers in tight quarters. The glass of the doors gives the driver the best of visibility even while you are making extreme turns.

The roofline of the Pixel follows a sweeping line, and there are only minimal overhangs on the front and the rear. This adds to the car’s appeal to youth. The window graphics can be changed when the driver wishes to, giving the car a different look.

You’ll also find “My Tata Connect” with the Tata Pixel. This is their terminology for the Human-Machine Interface. This allows you to use a Smartphone with the vehicle’s “info-tainment” system, to allow you to control certain of the car’s functions. The car is very user-friendly, with a touch-screen display and the means for the driver to stay connected with the world outside even while driving safely.

Drivers can listen to their favorite music, sports results and stock updates. You can use the tablet to adjust the ventilation, temperature and air conditioner settings. The tablet will also show the driver important vehicle performance information.

The Tata Pixel’s small engine gives you a lively drive, and it warms up more quickly than standard diesel engines. The aerodynamic drag has been optimized, and the car comes with rolling resistance tires, giving it high mileage and low emissions.

The Tata Pixel is rear-wheel drive, with a manual 4-speed transmission. It comes with rack and pinion steering, and can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in eight seconds. The maximum speed of the Pixel is 65 miles per hour, and the car gets an outstanding 69 miles per gallon.

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