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PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Backup Power for Small Electronics

PowerTrekkWhether you are camping, vacationing on some tropical island, holed up on the back 40’s cabin or stuck in a snow bank and need emergency help there are many reasons to have backup power that don’t rely on typical batteries or electricity.

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I’m a fan of hydrogen and fuel cells for providing clean power for cars, large businesses and small electronic devices. Fuel cells are like batteries though they last longer and don’t need to be recharged like rechargeable batteries.

PowerTrekk has come up with a small fuel cell backup power gizmo that will power your small electronic device immediately. The advantage of the PowerTrekk fuel cell is that it is small, lightweight, can be quickly refilled and can power any USB device.

This means that cell phones, GPS devices, cameras, laptops and many more electronics can receive power even when you are off-grid and don’t have access to an electrical outlet. If you have a solar charger, well those don’t work well at night plus they take much longer to charge an electronic device.

Disposal of batteries is not the greenest action you can take. The only byproduct of these fuel cells is a little water vapor. So, if you’re thinking what you can do to go green when off-grid fuel cell power such as this device from PowerTrekk is the way to go. So, go on now. Go away (into the wild green yonder).

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