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Ronn Scorpion Eco-Car a Scam or Not?

I’ve talked about ways to run your car on water many times over this past year. And, last June I talked about the Ronn Scorpion supercar using a hydrogen-on-demand system that helps it achieve 40 mpg, which is unheard of for a super fast car in this class.

Now, some critics, naysayers and non-believers have lumped the Ronn Scorpion into the same class of hoax as the Japanese Genepax water car. But, if the Ronn Scorpion is truly a hoax and a scam then this will turn out to be one of the biggest flops of all time.

You see Ronn Motors of Texas is actively marketing their car now with 10 sales for their $150,000 super eco-car. The Scorpion was one of the largest highlights at the SEMA show in Las Vegas earlier this year and is now being featured in a full-page article in Men’s Journal.

Now, if the Ronn Scorpion is one big scam does the owner Ronn Maxwell think no one will ever find out? When those 10 or so cars are delivered and they don’t live up to the hype, what will happen then?

The biggest problem, however is not what if the Ronn Scorpion doesn’t deliver, but what if it does? If it doesn’t deliver it will be one big flop, big embarrassment and a cause for bankruptcy most likely. But, if it does deliver, it will also be the cause for embarrassment and potential bankruptcy.

The Ronn Scorpion is the first production vehicle to come stock with a hydrogen-on-demand system that increases gas mileage and reduces emissions. If this does succeed, this means the naysayers including the Big Six Automakers have been wrong all along.

This means with a simple device Detroit could have been producing fuel efficient cars for years and has chosen not to do this. This means that those car companies (probably foreign who are not as stubborn as the Detroit companies) will probably be embarrassed into marketing this run your car on water technology as standard equipment first, and possibly driving its competitors out of business.

Make no mistake that the stakes are high for the Ronn Scorpion succeeding or failing. The Ronn H2GO system is also slated to rollout as an aftermarket system making this technology available on a wide scale to everyone who owns a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle.

Then all eyes will be on the Detroit auto executives wondering “What have you guys been doing all these years?” even more so than they are right now. At this point, there will be no more bailouts and other non U. S. cars will start to fill the void or people will just hang onto their cars longer using hydrogen-on-demand technology to extend the life of their vehicles.

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  1. Let all of us who can remember, save this article, archive it and come back to it, once this feat is accomplished. Why? Most definitely to follow up on this achievement and rub Detroit’s collective noses in it. Whether or not this does take place, it is high time for these automaker’s to get off their behinds or get out of the business. I for one have no desire to bail them out, considering just how much they have continuously increased the price of autos for poorer quality and robust profits for them, living high on the hog all these years even the workers when compared to the measely wages everyone else received in the mean time. While they designed and built vehicles to self destruct within a certain period of time, we were forced to purchase ever more expensive unreliable behemuths which we ultimately lost confidence in the ‘Made in America’ label. I look forward to the day that these independent alternative energy designers are vindicated and the auto industry is either disolved or is reborn as an economical and reliable auto manufacturer. Only time will tell!

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