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Ronn Motors Scorpion Exotic Car Saves Gas Using Hydrogen

Ronn ScorpionRonn Motors of Austin, Texas yesterday unveiled their Scorpion exotic car, which can flat out run. Not only that, it exceeds current and future U. S. CAFÉ standard for automobile gas mileage.

With zero to 60 mph acceleration in under 4 seconds, the Ronn Scorpion fits well in the supercar class. But, it’s also a bit of a tea totaler when it comes to gasoline as it is rated at 40-plus mpg highway. Compare this to other supercars like Lamborghinis that get less than 10 mpg or perhaps a Prius that is in the mid-40’s.

How does the Ronn Scorpion pull off this feat? Well, you’ve heard me talk about different run your car on water methods before and the Scorpion uses a Hydrorunner hydrogen fuel injection system to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions.

Simply put, the Hydrorunner sips from a 1.5 gallon water tank, turns the H2O into HHO gas then injects this into the car’s intake system. The dual computer processor onboard the Scorpion figures out the right gas to HHO mix and optimizes it under various driving conditions.

Now, 40 mpg may not be the Holy Grail in gas savings, but what most people don’t realize is that Ronn Motors and Check Engine (developer of the Hydrorunner) are committing a first. Never before has an auto manufacturer included a hydrogen generator as a standard part of the automobile.

This could be the end of the catalytic convertor as we know it. This also opens the door for other automakers to say yes to offering these water car devices standard on their automobiles as well.

When 190 of the limited edition Scorpions start to roll out in October 2008, they will all be equipped with this gas saving device. This supercar doesn’t have a super price either compared to its exotic Italian counterparts and is being sold for $150,000.

Public shares of Ronn Motors are now being offered on the Over The Counter Exchange. Time will tell if their shares will be in as high demand as their hydrogen on demand supercar will surely be.

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  1. but they MUST realize that these HHO gizmos that produce these impressive real world, real time results cant ACTUALLY work where it counts the most…in theory!!
    I get so amused at the guys who hoo-haw @ Denny Klein and others who are doing this with various HHO applications that even the DOD is looking into , and repeat the tired 2nd Law of Thermo-blahblah from their little ivory towers…
    As always the men who say it cant be done are being run over by the men who are making it happen

  2. The only thing that I have seen that Denny Klein has made that seems to work is the HHO welder. In that case he has simply designed a pretty efficient hydrolysis machine, but he is still putting much more energy into the system than he is getting out of it. DOD is likely interested in it because it only requires water and a ton of electricity–they do not care about costs or efficiency. I suspect that the plumber in his demos likes it as well because instead of buying expensive gases the plumber plugs into a 220 outlet, pours in some water and goes to town. That view is probably not shared by the person paying the power bill. Denny has not violated any thermodynamic law with any working apparatus that I have seen demonstrated.

  3. admin

    The Ronn Motors Scorpion with hydrogen fuel injection technology is slated to rollout soon along with it’s H2GO system that AAMCO will be piloting, so perhaps we’ll get more answers when this happens.

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