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Comic Strips Going Green for Earth Day

Earth Day is tomorrow and it has been pre-announced that 46 of the nation’s top comic strips have all decided to jump on the green bandwagon and write humor honoring this day. It’s been foreshadowed that upon this blessed day, Dagwood will take a nap to conserve energy and the Mutts strip will offer environmental quotations.

But, what will the other mischievous cartoonists have to offer? I thought it would be fun to take a few guesses as to what the top comic strips will focus on for Earth Day. For instance, I thought it would be fun to see Dilbert powering his PC with a small wind turbine that pal Wally is blowing upon.

Perhaps Garfield will eat a spinach lasagna in honor of the day. Beetle Bailey could put up a large solar panel in a field, then sleep in the shade underneath it. Dennis the Menace may slip Mr. Wilson a “prescription” brownie full of “oranic” materials. The Lockhorns may battle out the best method of recycling.

Linus may find out that he likes a hemp blanket better. And, the Wizard of Id may just invent a free energy concoction that will save the world (for a day). On Earth Day, I myself, will partake of a yummy tofu Scoobie Snack and bang my wild bongos at midnight. Ruh Roh!

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