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Smart Thermostats Help Households Go Green

Smart ThermostatsIt’s not sexy, but reducing energy consumption is one of the greenest actions one can take. Many people would rather spend time in the hospital than be told to cut back, conserve, save and reduce. But, using devices such as CFLs or smart thermostats will help consumers save painlessly and take charge of their power reduction.

When put in the hands of consumers, smart thermostats that are digital and programmable will help cut energy costs by as much as 33-percent per household. These intelligent devices can be set to reduce temperatures at night in the winter and raise the heat level as needed in the day and evening. Smart thermostats can also cool a home in summer in timeframes conducive to the household members.

Now, the issue that has come under fire recently in regard to smart thermostats, particularly in California, is pending legislation that would let the power companies have access to these devices and regulate them as needed to avoid blackouts. Some people see this approach as too Big Brother and want the option of letting the power companies take over or manually overriding them at will.

No matter what is finally decided, the quickest way to reduce greenhouse gases from coal burning power plants is to use less energy in homes and businesses. Smart thermostats are just one device we can use here and now to start taking action today.

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