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Toyota i-Real

Toyota i-RealC’mon, get real! Is this Toyota i-Real for real? The Toyota i-Real is another personal transportation vehicle rolled out at the 2007 Tokyo Motor show just made for a SciFi movie. The other vehicle one may see in the same movie is the Suzuki Pixy.

But, the Toyota i-Real appears to be the more intimidating vehicle. The Dale Earnhardt progeny many years from now, will be driving the Toyota i-real and bumping the likes of the Pixy and other vehicle aside in the airport terminals and shopping malls.

The Toyota i-Real has been compared to a large plastic killer whale that the likes of Stephen Hawking may covet. This three-wheeler can scoot around at around 18.6 mph and corners like a motorcycle. The Toyota i-Real is an all-electric vehicle, so it is environmentally friendly and has the personality of which your son’s Transformer would be jealous.

The Toyota i-Real also has a number of safety features for driver and pedestrians. For instance, when the Toyota i-Real senses an upcoming collision with a passenger, its lights start flashing and sirens go off. This is the polite way of saying, “Get the heck out of my way!” Probably more suited for the shopping mall that a walk on Wall Street, the Toyota i-Real is the real thing. See it soon in the future near you.

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