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Soleckshaw Solar-Electric Rickshaws Power Through India

A product named Soleckshaw has put its foot down that rickshaws should go solar in India. On the streets of Old Delhi older pedal pushers are getting a battery assist in their driving, which is especially helpful up hills.

The rickshaws carry batteries and electrical motor assist onboard (designed by Crompton Greaves) and will need to pull into an off-board solar charging station as needed. The 36-volt battery can run for about 45 miles before recharging is necessary.

The Soleckshaw seats three and has a maximum top end speed of around 12.5 mph. India’s state run Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research is now figuring out how to rollout the solar-electric rickshaws nationwide.

In a melding of old cultures and new it is refreshing to see that rickshaws are now getting upgraded using renewable energy methods. What could be next, solar-powered paddle boats? Anyone? Anyone?

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