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Aptera Electric Vehicles Ready for Prime Time?

ApteraIn 2006, Aptera first unveiled its diesel-electric hybrid concept car that the company said was able to achieve 330 mpg. Now, a year or so later, those numbers have dropped a bit, but Aptera says it is ready to release two commercial versions of this two-seater vehicle.

The Aptera Typ-1e is an all-electric vehicle with a 10 kw battery pack and capable of going 120 mile per charge. To recharge the vehicle takes 2 to 4 hours.

The Aptera Typ-1h is a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid vehicle that uses a water-cooled EFI engine and is coupled with a 12 kw starter / generator. This vehicle can travel 40 – 60 miles on all electric alone and with gasoline engine assist can achieve over 300 mpg.

Both Aptera vehicles are technically classified as motorcycles according to the U. S. Department of Transportation and the California DMV. Many of the safety requirements, however, exceed those for standard passenger vehicles including rollover strength.

The top speed of both Aptera vehicles will be over 85 mph with 0 – 60 mph acceleration at around 10 seconds. The vehicle is set to rollout in California only first beginning in late 2008.

The word Aptera means “wingless flight” so if you would like to take charge and soar the highways of the Golden State, it will cost a little under $30,000 and the company is now taking deposits of $500 to secure a vehicle when they become available.

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