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Nissan Pivo2

Nissan Pivo2The Nissan Pivo2 has to be seen to be believed. And, by seen, I mean check out this video of the Nissan Pivo2 because plopping a still photo on the page does not do this vehicle justice.

The Nissan Pivo2 is a future car like no other. First, the Nissan Pivo2 is an all electric vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries, so it is good for the environment. Next, it has an electric motor mounted in each wheel that can turn at 90-degree angles, which makes parking and other maneuvers a cinch.

The bubble cab of the Nissan Pivo2 can also turn 360-degrees if desired so there is never a need to backup in this car. The Nissan Pivo2 is a 3-seat vehicle with the driver in front and a space for two in the rear.

The driver is also assisted by a small dashboard robot head that can talk and respond to questions from the driver and assist him or her with driving tasks such as parking and GPS matters. It even turns away from the driver as if it is looking out the front window ready to assist as needed.

The Nissan Pivo2 is classified as a city car and has a range of 62 miles. Although it looks like something out of a science fiction novel about pod people, futuristic Nissan Pivo2 gives us all a glimpse at what the future of driving may be just a few short years down the road.

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