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Flybo XFD-6000ZK Electric Car From China

FlyboIn Saginaw, Michigan at Great Lakes Auto Sales is the only Flybo Electric Car dealership in the states. The Flybo XFD-6000ZK is a Chinese-made Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) that can go 45 mph (with the 25 mph limiter removed) and gets 70 to 150 miles per charge, depending upon use.

The Chinese import is being marketed towards gated communities and for driving around town. With similar styling as a Smart Car, the Flybo is hoping to Tai-Bo the competition with its 110v standard household charging and a price tag around $10,000.

The Flybo XFD-6000ZK is produced by Jinan in the Jinan Shandong province of China and its products are being sold in Russia, Europe and the U. S. The Flybo electric car is rear drive only at this point and for those who don’t need to use the highway regularly, it would make for a good second car.

The one downside of the Flybo XFD-6000ZK is that it is not recommended for winter driving. So, the dealership in Michigan may need to fly south for the winters to sell more vehicles.

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