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Al Gore on 30 Rock Green Week Episode Tonight

Former Vice-President, Nobel Prize winner, Academy Award winner and all around green guy (someone of prominence just had to replace Ed Begley, Jr.) Al Gore will appear on TV show 30 Rock tonight.

Every year NBC-TV runs a promotion called “Green Week” heightening awareness of environmental and energy saving issues through their television programming. Mr. Gore will appear in a scene on 30 with Kenneth the Page, who is in charge of helping the staff cut their carbon footprint by 5-percent.

Television stations usually don’t go to such lengths to create and promote awareness for a cause. Bringing the poster boy for cutting greenhouse gases, Al Gore works on the celebrity level, the humor level, the ratings level and the message level.

People need to be constantly reminded that not “Greed is good” but rather “Green is good” and NBC is doing a fine job of that this week.

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