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Examines wind energy as an alternative method for creating electricity that is both renewable and sustainable.

Germany Going Wind to Hydrogen in a Big Way

As one of the major participants in the global hydrogen generator industry, Linde AG, the world’s largest industrial gas supplier, continues its bid to challenge manufacturers of battery-powered vehicles such as Tesla when it comes to providing gas, particularly hydrogen to run cars. For years, the company has been researching …

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TimberTower Sees Wood in Future of Wind Turbines

Okay, so this green story is a bit retro in that didn’t wind turbines (wind mills) used to be built out of wood? Well, now the towering steel behemoths that speckle the plains like tamed Transformers are taking a new direction thanks to a company called TimberTower. The German wind …

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Kenya Installing Wind Turbines to Power Country

In October 2008, I talked about Ethiopia installing wind turbines to help their developing nation start to use green energy. Now, their neighbor to the south, Kenya is doing the same. When I had talked about Ethiopia installing large, commercial grade wind turbines it was the French who were helping …

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Washington Post’s Worst Case Wind Turbine Scenario

The Washington Post has published an article called “Can Wind Farms Change the Weather” which at first caused a certain ambivalence in me between ‘who cares’ and is this a doomsday scenario? Well, if you are a person who doesn’t like the sight, smell, sound or even mention of wind …

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Wind Turbine Kites Could Power Parts of New York City

The Carnegie Institution and California State University have identified New York City as a prime location for high flying wind turbine kites. The turbine kites would fly between 20,000 ft and 50,000 ft above the ground, harnessing the winds’ power to create electricity. The reason that the kites need to …

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Optiwind Offers a New Look at Wind Turbines

Forget the large utility scale three bladed wind turbines, or even the two bladed bird Cuisinarts, there is a uniquely designed wind generator that is now turning heads. Optiwind has come out with its Optiwind 150 & 300 Compact Wind Accelerating Turbines. The six small five-bladed turbines parallel each other …

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Former Detroit Auto Workers to Build Wind Turbines

With the Big 3 automakers in Detroit running on fumes and an over abundance of former auto workers eager to get busy again, wind turbines are a growth industry for manufacturing jobs. In fact, Global Wind Systems Inc. is going to add 250 wind turbine manufacturing jobs this year with …

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More Off Shore Wind Than We Need Government Says

According to the U. S. Department of the Interior, we have more offshore wind than we need to power 20-percent of homes and businesses in the coastal regions. According to the executive summary by the Interior Department from 3 miles offshore to 200 miles offshore, particularly in the Atlantic Ocean, …

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Wind Farm Technicians A Growing Industry

With the economy in a slump and many parts of the country with unemployment around 10-percent or more, the wind turbine industry needs employees. And, if you live near Concordia, Kansas you can get training at Cloud County Community College. Wind turbine technicians can expect to make $18 per hour …

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