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Wave Power

Focuses on the power of water waves to generate energy in a renewable and sustainable fashion.

Wave Hi to Wave Farms

Wave power is increasingly becoming popular, gradually gaining momentum. Recently, the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced funding of up to $40 million for the development of the first open-water wave-energy-testing facility in the country. For several years, wave energy has failed to keep pace with solar and wind energy, …

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Ocean Energy Becomes the Star in New NatGeo Episode

If you’re a fly on the wall at the COP21 in Paris, you’ll probably hear the world leaders talk about natural gas, wind energy, and solar power. What you may not hear about is ocean energy. This isn’t really surprising since it’s a relatively new technology and isn’t as popular …

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The Ups and Downs of Wave Energy Technology

In January 2008, I had talked about how Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in Northern California was working with Finavera to deploy an offshore wave farm. The AquaBuoys were to be placed out to sea a little north of San Francisco in Humboldt County. Well, now the California Public Utilities …

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Triton Underwater Wave Farm Being Developed in Bermuda

Triton Renewable Energy Limited has teamed up with Renewable Energy Holdings to develop an underwater wave farm off the shores of the island of Bermuda. Now, I’ve talked about wave power many times and I’ve even mentioned offshore wind farms as well. One of the largest objections by environmentalists to …

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Wave Power Station Heads to Australia

Ocean Power Technologies has teamed up with Griffin Wave Energy, ltd. to bring a wave power station to Western Australia. Griffin is already one of the leading suppliers of diversified energy in Western Australia delivering electricity from gas, coal and wind power. Ocean Power Technologies is slated to hand over …

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Wave Farm Destined For Scottish Waters

I’ve talked before about wave power being the wave of the future. This past January, I even talked about the Finavera AquaBuOYs bobbing up and down off the shores of Northern California. But, now Scotland has thrown their hat in the watery ring of wave power. In fact, Scotland is …

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Finavera AquaBuOYs Provide Wave Power in California

Vancouver, British Columbia company Finavera Renewables, Incorporated has secured a deal from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in Northern California to place its AquaBuoys in the coastal waters in Humboldt County north of San Francisco. The AquaBuoys will generate electricity using wave power for 1,500 homes. PG&E, the first company …

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Water Power is the Wave of the Future

Man has been using a small percentage of the Earth’s water power for a number of years as many large hydroelectric dams have been constructed. But, this renewable energy resource is only a small fraction of the water power this planet has to offer. More recently, researchers have been exploring …

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