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Water Energy

Examines water energy in a general sense not covered under tidal or wave power.

Dihydrogen Monoxide a Serious Threat to Public Safety

According to the Federal Water Control Board, dihydrogen monoxide is a serious public safety threat that concerns environmentalists from coast to coast and beyond. According to scientific research at NOAH too little dihydrogen monoxide can lead to famine and draughts and too much can mean flooding of proportions not seen …

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University of Michigan Develops VIVACE Water Energy

The University of Michigan has developed a novel approach to harnessing the slow moving energy at the bottom of oceans or large rivers. Called VIVACE or Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy, the hydro system can produce energy with just 2 knots of water movement. Oceans and rivers worldwide …

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Hydro Green Power Gets Boost for River Energy

Hydro Green Power has received a $2.6 million investment by Quercus Trust develop its river and tidal renewable energy generators. This funding will help Hydro Green Power deploy its hydrokinetic technology to states such as Minnesota on the Mississippi River, where testing will begin as early as August. Hydro Green …

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