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Profiles alternative fuel vehicles and sources of energy for the transportation industry.

Car2GO Car Sharing Program Unveiled in Austin TX

This week in Austin, Texas there will be an announcement of The Cars2Go program. It goes like this from the email I received: “This month, FastCompany identified car2go as one of the 2010 best and boldest ideas to construct the perfect city. It’s going to revolutionize the way we address …

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One Gallon Challenge a Part of Greenfest Festival

Six vehicles recently participated in the One Gallon Challenge, which took them on a 100 mile road trip from Greenfield, Massachusetts to Boston. This alternative fuel vehicle contest encouraged innovation of all the participants. The Dirigo diesel 3-wheeler was able to squeeze out 88 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) with …

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Ventomobile Wind Powered Vehicle

This one escaped me last summer so I thought I would catch up and talk about it now. The Ventomobile, which is a wind-powered velomobile may just be one of the most unique green vehicles on the planet. A typical velomobile is a human-powered vehicle (some come with electric assist, …

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Hydraulic Hybrid 100 MPG Car in Hunt for X-Prize

There is a hydraulic hybrid car in the hunt for the Automotive X-Prize that is geared towards getting over 100 mpg. A company called Lightning Hybrids is keeping the details of their new hydraulic engine very hush-hush as patents are pending and competition is fierce. What the company is saying …

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