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Profiles new green technology that will help conserve energy, avoid waste and generally make our world a cleaner place.

5 Amazing Eco-Friendly Technologies for the Future

It’s difficult to comprehend how quickly our world’s population is expanding. To put things into perspective, there were roughly half the number of people alive in the 1970’s compared to today. At this current rate, of roughly 80 million people being born per year, there will be 8 billion people …

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BMW Gina a Production Vehicle?

The BMW Gina when it was unveiled last year was a great example of outside the box thinking. Gina stands for Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations. The BMW Gina’s defining characteristic is its spandex like textile skin that replaces a metal outer body. The textile skin fits over an …

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Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2009 Picks 6 Finalists

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge encourages green innovation that will have a positive impact on everyone’s lives. This year 6 finalists have already been picked and could win $500,000 euro ($727,000 USD). The winner will be picked September 25, 2009 in Amsterdam. In order to qualify for the top 6, …

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