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Solar vehicles including cars are featured as renewable means of transportation.

Stealth Bomber Meets UFO in This Cool Solar Concept Car

Until now, vehicles powered by solar energy have had a decidedly geeky appearance. While innovative, most lack the “wow” factor that triggers that must-have feeling among car aficionados. A new solar-powered vehicle concept car, appropriately called the SPV, has the wow factor in spades. Wide, flat and low, the SPV …

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MIT and Cambridge Students Develop Solar Cars

Students at MIT and Cambridge University have developed solar cars that will both compete in the 2009 World Solar Challenge in Australia in September. The World Solar Challenge features solar cars streaking across 2,000 miles of the rough Australian Outback. The MIT students have created the Elanor solar car, ironically …

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Tindo Solar Bus Cruises Australia

The Tindo solar-powered electric bus is now cruising around in Adelaide, Australia. The 34-foot commercial bus will be powered by solar panels on the roof of the Adelaide Central Bus Station made by BP Solar plus 11 onboard Zebra 262 kw sodium/nickel batteries. Tindo, which is the aboriginal word for …

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Solar Plane Sets Lofty Goals

The Solar Impulse, Swiss solar-powered airplane has gained backing from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and may take its first test flight in early 2009. The President of Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard (could he be a Trekkie) signed an agreement with IATA CEO Giovanni Bisignani for his organization to …

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Taiwanese Solar Car May Debut This Year

A commercial version of the Taiwanese solar car that came in second place at the Australian World Solar Challenge (WSC) may appear for sale this year. This mini solar racer, made in Taiwan, will be considered a city car, with a top speed of 44 mph. The two-seater (with perhaps …

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Solar Taxi Travels Around the World

Some people may take a Big Yellow Taxi and pave paradise and put up a parking lot. But, Swiss Teacher Louis Palmer is taking a small blue environmentally-friendly taxi around the world. The solar-electric hybrid two-seat taxi with trailer is an attempt to call attention to global warming while providing …

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