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Features solar energy, cars, vehicles, photovolaic cells and panels and other information of interest regarding using the sun’s power.

Smartflower Brings Portability to Residential Solar Energy

The smartflowerTM solar energy system brings on-the-go solar power to your home. Initially developed for European households, the smartflower is a self-contained, ground-mounted system that can be quickly installed and de-installed, perfect for people who want to enjoy the benefits of solar energy even as they move from home to …

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Tesla Solar Roof – What Up with That?

Solar panels attached to traditional roofing materials may not look appealing to the eye, but they have been – until now – the choice for those who want to use the sun to power their home. Tesla offers to do much of the same thing – and more – but …

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Solar Breakthrough for Commercial Air Conditioning

Cooling an entire building is anything but inexpensive. Not only does it consume a huge amount of energy, but also eats up a huge chunk of your finances. Depending on the size of a commercial building, your utility bills could be your biggest overhead. So there’s no such thing as …

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Hexocover Solar Technology for Water Conservation

Looking to solve the evaporation of water from bodies of water, such as mining tailings, reservoirs and ponds, a new technology, called Hexocover, was invented at the University of Arizona. Simultaneously generating energy reserves with the use of solar panels, the invention consists of hexagonal-shaped modular floating cover panels that …

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The Truth Behind Green Energy Subsidies

By Guest Blogger Lee Rolison Nobody wants to see their tax dollars spent covering the operating costs of failing energy companies. That’s why debates over energy subsidies tend to be fiercely polarising. They also tend to be completely misinformed. There’s a widespread assumption that the solar power industry is not …

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7 Solar Power Apps to Consider

By Guest Blogger Sharon Freeman There is no doubt that solar energy is taking over, despite efforts by Big Oil to undermine its spread. Solar panels are easier than ever to install and buy, thanks to government encouragement. Even app developers are paving the way for cleaner power generation. Australian …

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Spray-on Solar Cells – Go Paint Your Wagon

One of the hindrances of solar cells is their cost-to-power ratio where in most cases the cost of an effective solar panel simply is expensive compared to the power that is generated. While there are many efforts to increase the power generation of solar panels, other efforts are being made …

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Ikea Goes Solar in a Big Way

With the global warming crisis, governments and businesses across the world are turning to alternative sources of energy to cut down on their carbon footprint. Solar power is an attractive option to many, due to its ready availability and the potential to generate a steady source of power. The only …

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