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Offers information including product reviews of smart technology that will save energy in one’s home and beyond.

State Of the Art Software Made to Save the Environment

In 2017, the world is a much more environmentally friendly place than it once was. Recycling is actively encouraged, companies give away free home insulation to cut energy costs, and various products are made from recycled materials, in fact upcycling (reusing and refreshing old furniture) has even become a popular …

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Get Smart about Smart Grid Technology

(And Save On Energy Without Spending a Fortune) By Guest Blogger Jay Harris It’s a whole new world out there in terms of household appliances. Whereas our grandmothers might have been lucky to have an electric washing machine, we now have the option to purchase washers that steam clean, analyze …

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Eco-Friendly Equipment for Office-Based Businesses

Guest Blog by Dan Whiteside As the world becomes more environmentally aware, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is determined to stay on trend. They’ve recently introduced a new line-up of eco-friendly and cost-effective printers with advanced colour printing technologies – but what other energy-saving products are proving popular? Let’s find out: …

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Smart Grid Technology Means Upgrading

Guest Blogger Jessica Bosari Smart grid technology is quickly moving from theory to reality in many parts of the United States. The technology consists of a group of new energy delivery techniques based on ideas that started over 100 years ago in the mind of Nikolai Tesla. He saw a …

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AeroVironment Smart Charging Dock for EV and PHEV Owners

AeroVironment is used to building alternative energy devices and even vehicles. In January 2011, AeroVironment unleashed its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Global Observer which was powered by hydrogen. Now, AeroVironment has unveiled it Smart Charging Dock for consumers in anticipation of large sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and …

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