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The merits of recycling are discussed.

Trash Talking About Smart Recycling

  We’ve seen a lot of new exciting green technologies over the past few decades, but there is one that has gone mostly unnoticed: city sanitation. New innovations in trash collection and processing are happening and in a few years sanitation as you know it might be totally different. High …

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Recycling Smart Phones and Tablets – The Real Scoop

According to recent studies conducted by the Yale Environment 360 program, very little of the metals that go into making smartphones and tablets ever get recycled. In fact, there is at least 50 pounds of gold and 550 pounds of silver in every 1 million smartphones. These are precious metals …

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E-Waste: Implications and Controlling Measures

By Guest Blogger Erich Lawson The disposal techniques of electronic waste followed across the globe is more hazardous than its generation. There are countries who do not know the difference between hazardous and non-hazardous waste material, while almost all electronic waste is hazardous in nature. The generation of e-waste has …

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