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Focuses on information about photovoltaics and the homes, buildings, devices, plants and other structures that use them.

3 Advancements on the Horizon for Solar Technology

By Guest Blogger Ryan McNeill For decades, solar energy has been an industry shaped by revolutionary, new technology, growing by leaps and bounds in the most unpredictable ways. The boundaries of solar technology are always expanding, and as we make our way deeper into 2013, it’s clear that this year …

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Cool Earth Solar Balloons Hot for Electrical Generation

Cool Earth Solar balloons upon first glance may be likened to something one would find at a kid’s birthday party. But, the Cool Earth Solar balloons are anything but toys and definitely not for children. Cool Earth Solar has just received $21 million in funding from private investors to develop …

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SolFocus Is So In-Focus with Concentrator Photovoltaic System

SolFocus, from Mountain View, California now has a plain view in focus in Spain. SolFocus is constructing a 500 kw concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) system as part of the Spanish ISFOC (Spain’s Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems) project. The Solfocus CPV systems uses lenses and mirrors to focus sunlight on solar …

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IBM Recycles Chips Into Solar Wafers

IBM used to throw away up to 3 million silicon chips a year, but no more. The engineers at the Burlington, Vermont facility have found a way to scrub the ultra-pure silicon from the chips in an environmentally friendly manner and either reuse them or sell the chips to photovoltaic …

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