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Focuses on vehicles and devices that use pedals for power. This may include bicycles, unicycles, pedicabs or other vehicles.

ELF Solar Velomobile Review

If you would like to minimize your carbon footprint by buying a small green solar vehicle, there are many eco-friendly ones from which to choose. One of the top options is ELF, a solar-powered velomobile that’s designed and built by North Carolina-based company Organic Transit. With its unique design, sleek, …

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Velomobiles Picking Up Speed As Gas Prices Climb

With gasoline prices soaring and the public sentiment souring over global warming and greenhouse gases, many people are looking for alternatives to help the cause. Buying hybrids, alternative fuel vehicles or riding bikes have become more popular with the public. Also increasing in popularity is the velomobile such as the …

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Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle Wins Google Contest

The Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle by Specialized Bicycles has won $5,000 in the Google Innovate or Die Competition. Pedal pushers will appreciate the ease of use of this vehicle. By pedal power alone a person can use this vehicle to transport and filter water for the whole family. Aquaduct Mobile Filtration …

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MIT Students Use Pedal Power to Run Computers

MIT student cyclists are using pedal power to run computers and burn calories. Back in November of this year, MIT students were given an assignment as part of a course in civil and environmental engineering to build a device that “converts mechanical power into electrical power.” So, the students came …

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Go-One3 Velomobile with Electric Assist

One of the coolest velomobiles that I’ve come across within the last couple of years is the Go-One3 model, made by Beyss, that I happened upon last weekend. This velomobile is a three-wheel, totally enclosed tricycle that is considered a human-powered vehicle (HPV). Be that as it may, slackers or …

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