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Offers news, views and opinion of relevant and topical happenings within the green technology industry.

7 Tips to Green Computing

By Guest Blogger Matt Powell Computing and technology is now responsible for 2% of the global carbon footprint, a significant amount for just one sector of industry. It’s therefore important that end users do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment. The following tips are simple things …

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SpillCam from PBS Document BP Disaster

Okay, there is something wonderful and tragic about technology at the same time. Sometimes I know that ignorance is bliss. Other times enlightenment is bliss. Many times I wish I could turn it off and on like a light switch. Since the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast region …

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Google Solar Instead of Search Coming Soon

For those who thought I was crazy, insane, off-the-wall, ludicrous, way off base and downright cuckoo for suggesting that one day we all may be able to Google our refrigerators, take note. Google is now developing its new cheap thermal solar technology complete with mirrors tracking the sun, focusing its …

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Tata Motors versus General Motors – Really?

Tata Motors has just shipped the world’s cheapest new car for $2375 US dollars. For right now the Tata Nano will be sold in India where the vehicle is being manufactured. The Tata Nano contains a 25 HP 2-cylinder aluminum 624 cc gasoline engine and a four-speed transmission. There is …

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Green Tech Bull Market Pulls Back

It’s no secret that if you’ve been watching the green tech industry and green tech stocks that there has been a bull market charging ahead since March 2009 when the Dow hit a low of in the 6,500’s. And in this bull market, renewable energy companies across the board were …

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Obama Toughens CAFE Standards as Some Groups Smile

President Obama this week toughened the CAFE standards for cars and light trucks beginning in 2016 giving automakers the 7 years they need to develop a whole new line of fuel efficient vehicles. The present CAFE standards are 27.5 MPG for cars and 24 MPG for light trucks. The light …

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Earth Day and Wind Power Obama Talks the Talk

It’s Earth Day and wind power is the subject of the talk as President Obama gives a speech in Iowa at a wind turbine plant. At a place where Maytag appliances used to be made (and apparently the Maytag Repairman slept), President Obama called upon Congress to pass $150 billion …

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Cruise Car Solar Electric Hybrid Vehicles Go Hollywood

Universal Studios in Hollywood, California has decided to throw their gas-powered carts under the bus and go solar. In fact, Universal Studios has decided to buy 300 Cruise Car solar electric vehicles for all sorts of people to drive around their 415 acre lot. The Cruise Car Solar Electric Hybrid …

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