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Discusses hydrogen vehicles other than cars that produce zero emissions and dependency upon foreign fossil fuels.

Get on the Hydrogen Bus Gus for Only $190,000

That’s correct, a group of Welshmen have created a hydrogen fuel cell minibus that will go on sale for only $190,000. Researchers at the University of Glamorgan in Wales developed the fuel cell minibus known as the Hydrogen Bus and put it on display at the Tenth Grove Fuel Cell …

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Suzuki Pixy

The Suzuki Pixy is another pod people favorite from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Officially called the Suzuki Pixy + SSC (Suzuki Shared Coach), these futuristic vehicles could have come straight out of a SciFi thriller. Two of these little Segways-on-steroids can be driven into the Suzuki Shared Coach, which …

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Suzuki Crosscage

The Suzuki Crosscage motorcycle is powered by hydrogen fuel cell and joins forces between the Japanese motorbike manufacturer and Intelligent Energy from the United Kingdom. The Suzuki Crosscage is a cross between a high-performance motorcycle and a tofu-eating hydrogen vehicle. Intelligent Energy, who for the past couple of years has …

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