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Profile hydro power as a viable renewable energy source already in use and necessary for the future.

Yahoo! It’s Low-Cost Hydropower in Western New York

The New York Power Authority has reversed an earlier decision regarding a potential Yahoo data center considered for the western part of the state. One of the points of contention has been Yahoo’s desire to acquire low cost hydropower from Niagara Falls for its new facility. The new Yahoo data …

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Hydroelectric Run of the River Power Is Greener

On this blog, I’ve talked about wind power, solar energy and other forms of renewable energy such as geothermal quite a bit. But, one area that I haven’t covered much is hydroelectric power. Dam, that’s an oversight, I jest. Now, really, hydroelectric power is not only just a bunch of …

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China Embracing Hydropower Going Forward

Energy-hungry China has decided to embrace hydropower as one renewable method to satisfy its growing need. In 2008, the use of large hydropower systems in China grew by 19.5-percent accounting for around 16.4 percent of the country’s total output. A couple of weeks ago China opened up its third largest …

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