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Features hybrid vehicles other than cars that cut down on emissions and the use of fossil fuels.

Four Hidden Benefits of a Hybrid Vehicle

People looking to buy a new car do not have to look any further than purchasing a hybrid. Owning these cars is great for many reasons, but most people like them because of the lower cost for fuel, and it does not put out nearly as many fuel emissions. It …

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More Plug In Hybrid Utility Trucks by Odyne and DUECO

I’ve talked about Odyne Systems and DUECO twice before. The first time I talked about these companies was in February 2008, where in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, they along with the Adams Electric Cooperative unveiled the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) utility truck. Then a month later in 2008, Odyne …

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Scuderi Split Cycle Air Hybrid Engine

The Scuderi split-cycle air hybrid internal combustion engine may just be the next big thing in automotive technology. Move over battery electric hybrid, PHEVs, FCVs and other alternative fuel vehicles. The Scuderi ICE may just be the better mousetrap for which car manufacturers have been waiting. The Scuderi air hybrid …

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E-One Hybrid

The mobile E-ONE Hybrid Electric Command Center changes the face of fighting fires, rescues and other emergency response duties by going green. The E-One Hybrid is currently the first and only hybrid electric command center in the nation. Based in Ocala, Florida, E-One is known as an industry leader in …

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