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Human Power

Discusses the often overlooked power of human beings as an energy source.

Christmas Tree Lights Powered by Pedestrian Footsteps

At a United Kingdom shopping mall, pedestrians are powering the towering Christmas tree. Worldwide 7.7 billion kWh of coal (some of which is in your stocking this year) and natural gas are used to power Christmas tree lights. Well, the Midsummer Place Shopping Centre has decided to stomp out this …

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Trikke Puts the Fun in People Power

Trikke is no trick. It puts fun in people power. In the past I’ve written about other people powered vehicles such as the velomobile and even the electric assisted bicycle. And to some this may not be new news especially if you’ve seen some of these Trikke vehicles on the …

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HumanCar Promotes Fun, Exercise and Environment

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Well, you get the idea anyway of the human power involved, not on the stream, but on the roadways, for the HumanCar which is to be unveiled officially on Earth Day 2009. This fun four seat mostly manually operated vehicle promotes …

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Human Power May Just Save the Planet

With all the talk about solar, wind, geothermal and other forms of renewable energy, one less talked about subject is human power. Now, it’s no secret that humans have been lending a leg for centuries to power all sorts of devices from ships to mills to bicycles. In the past, …

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