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Covers high mileage vehicles not covered in other areas of this blog.

Toyota Prius Prime Review

Toyota Prius Prime Review Are you planning to buy a new car any day soon – especially one that gets 120 mpge (miles per gallon equivalent)? Is your choice a hybrid that is made by excellent car manufacturer Toyota? Well, you must be in luck because they are officially launching …

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100 MPG Cars in Our Lifetime

By Guest Blogger Michael Shull You have got to be kidding 100 Miles per Gallon, what I wouldn’t give for that day. Most of us probably feel this way but I will try to show you why it isn’t here and you might be surprised who all is to blame. …

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MYT Engine Making a Comeback

The MYT (Massive Yet Tiny) engine is the brainchild of Raphial Morgado, who spent a cool $1 million developing the first prototype in 2001. In the summer of 2007, I saw my first Youtube video on the MYT Engine and was blown away by the size and design of this …

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