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Outlines green jobs especially in the technical fields, which are a fast growing segment of the employment sector.

Renewable Energy Jobs Continue to Rise

If you’re interested in breaking into the green job market, there’s good news within the industry. According to a report by the Environmental Defense Fund, jobs within renewable energies are increasing 12 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy. Although President Trump has consistently supported fossil fuels over …

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GREEN ENERGY: It’s complicated (and that’s OK)

By Guest Blogger Tim Snyder Obama’s “all of the above” energy policy brings far greater benefits than “drill baby drill.” Regardless of the problem, humans are certain to gravitate toward simple, “silver bullet” solutions like metal filings to a magnet. So it’s not surprising to hear from politicians and other …

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Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference in Capitol Today

The Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference is starting in Washington DC today and will run through Friday, February 6, 2009. There is definitely an interest in this particular conference now since it is sold out after reaching maximum capacity. On the speakers list are the EPA Administrator, three U. S. …

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Green Jobs Key to 2009 and Beyond

Barack Obama has said it and in just over two more weeks he’ll be able to prove it: green jobs will be the key to this economy going forward. In October 2008, the Conference of Mayors came out with the Green Jobs Report. Two of the facts stated in the …

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Green Jobs on the Front Burner in Recession

Even though many would argue that the U. S. economy is already in recession, green jobs may just be one of the pathways out. I’ve talked about green collar jobs in the past as a growing segment of the employment market for years to come. Now, there’s some historical proof …

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Green Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

During the Bill Clinton campaign, political strategist James Carville once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” This became a rallying cry for people who were concerned about their jobs during the political season. This political season is no different and at least a couple of the candidates (including one named Clinton) …

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Wind Farm Technicians Needed

Phase I of the Smoky Hills Wind Farm project has been completed by Enel North America about 140 miles west of Topeka, Kansas. The 101-megawatt wind farm (which may expand to 250 mw) is situated on a 10-mile stretch just off Interstate 70 on the border of Lincoln and Ellsworth …

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Green Collar Jobs

Green collar jobs now come in two varieties, light green and dark green. For the past several years, green collar jobs have been blue collar jobs with a green slant. For instance, a working class green collar job may involve the installation of solar panels, planting of trees or mechanical …

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