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Features gas saving devices such as HHO generators, hydrogen fuel injections systems and device to run your car on water at least partly.

Hypermiling Saves Fuel for Your Vehicle

by guest blogger Haliyma Barrow The average person has probably never used the phrase hypermiling techniques in a regular conversation. Furthermore, most regular people have never thought of the idea of using hypermiling practices in order to improve their fuel usages. Their lack of knowledge in this area is understandable …

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Dateline NBC Declares HHO Industry a Scam

Because one product from one manufacturer didn’t work as advertised Dateline NBC has declared the whole HHO industry a scam. Let’s face it, the TV show Dateline NBC has a lot of credibility with viewers. Chris Hansen the host and his guests usually have much credibility as well. But, last …

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HHO Games & Expo Shows of Water Car Technology

I’ve blogged about run your car on water systems many times in the past. I’ve also taken a lot of heat from the critics for promoting this emerging green technology. Next week, starting November 11, 2008 in Palmetto, Florida the HHO Games and Exposition will be legitimizing hydrogen on demand …

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Electric Gas Saver Boosts Mileage

In the past, I’ve talked about run your car on water generators at length as a way to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions. But, HHO gas savers are not the only game in town. Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA have developed a small device powered by the …

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Ford Bobcat Plus Ecoboost Direct Ethanol Injection

Over the past few months, I’ve been talking about run your car on water supplementary systems as a method to boost performance, gas savings and emissions reductions in gasoline-powered engines. Now, it seems that Ford has gone a different route in boosting their gasoline engine with ethanol. That’s correct, the …

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U. S. DOT Says Run Your Car on Water Technology Works

I’ve talked about run your car on water systems many times over the past few months. The critics say that this hydrogen on demand technology simply cannot work. In the past few days I’ve come across a document by the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) stating that the critics …

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HHO eBook Users Need Support

If you’ve purchased an HHO eBook through this site or another site, chances are that you will need a little support in order to optimize your system for your particular vehicle. While some people are mavericks and like to go it totally alone, others find comfort and inspiration in community. …

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Run Your Car on Water Critics and Scammers Both Wrong

There are three groups of run your car on water people: critics, scammers and early adopters. The critics say that run your car on water devices (HHO generators) cannot work because of the first law of thermodynamics. Critics will also state the non-existence of a perpetual motion machine. What the …

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