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Features issues surrounding the environment including conservation and expansion of green areas and how to keep pollution at bay.

Wood Based Computer Chips

A recent article appearing in the MIT Technology Review described the exciting potential for using wood-based computer chips instead of the silicon-based chips which currently enjoy almost universal application. Whereas silicon chips are fairly rigid in usage as a transistor, wood can be processed into nano cellulose paper to provide a …

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How Environmental Testing Makes Products Safer

By Guest Blogger Scott Huntington The safety of a product is integral to its success — an item with any potential of danger is likely to be superseded by a competing product in abrupt fashion. As a result, manufacturers often go through a lengthy testing process to ensure safety and …

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History of Earth Day – a Grassroots Effort

Since tomorrow is Earth Day 2014, I thought it only fitting to write a short history of this special day. What’s the purpose of celebrating Earth Day on April 22 every year? How did it start? These are questions you might be interested in if you are a keen observer …

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Is Apple’s Environmental Concern Improving?

Guest Blog by Reese Jones With the declining progress of environment in today’s world, many movements enter the scene to prevent it. Manufacturers begin to use eco-friendly materials to produce products that will help save the environment. However, recurring reports are against Apple’s “contribution” to the ecosystem. In the past …

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One Man’s Trash – a Testament to Recycling

Even though this website is about green technology (as in high tech), I also enjoy reading other blogs that feature low tech solutions to environmental problems. I happened to stumble upon such a website called DIY Gadgets that tells people like you and me how to recycle household items into …

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Alphabet Photography Gifts for Environmentalists

Well, I don’t usually do this as the focus of this blog is green tech, but I’ve stumbled upon something cool that is definitely pro-environment but not necessarily high tech. Now, I’ve seen many different kinds of alphabet photography that focus mostly on industrial design, which may not be all …

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Oil Cleanup X Challenge for BP Gulf Spill Leaked

The X Prize Foundation has leaked a few details about the Oil Cleanup X Challenge to help solve the impact from the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. More details will be announced this Thursday at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The X Prize Foundation will be …

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