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Energy Conservation

Examines energy conservation both on a large scale and also what individuals can do to save.

Aluminet Shade Cloths Review

Ever since greenhouses have been used for gardening, crop growing, and farming, many people have been finding new ways to yield better and healthier plants. However, it is difficult to find green technology in which truly combines cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness. In recent years, greenhouse thermal screens were invented and sold …

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Energy Consumption Trends in New York City

By Guest Blogger Jeremie Brenton You may think that modern technologies created energy efficient solutions for houses and buildings. It does not appear to be the case in modern world. People buy and use a lot of gadgets at home and at work, thus increasing the levels of energy use. …

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7 Tips to Green Computing

By Guest Blogger Matt Powell Computing and technology is now responsible for 2% of the global carbon footprint, a significant amount for just one sector of industry. It’s therefore important that end users do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment. The following tips are simple things …

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Smart Home Automation Saves Future Energy

By Guest Blogger AJ Wilcox If you’re anything like me, the outlook right now for powering your home is looking abysmal. Oil prices are at an all-time high. We’re trying to get away from burning coal, but radiation leaks after the Japanese tsunami are making everyone question. Unfortunately all of …

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Google Your Refrigerator? It Could Happen

About 10 days ago I talked about smart metering in Indiana and other places (like my home in Southern California) where the electric companies are stepping up to bat and installing the necessary infrastructure so that they and homeowners can take more control of electricity use. Now, besides the electric …

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