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Discusses current models of electric cars plus concepts, prototypes and those still on the drawing boards.

Are Electric Cars Really Eco-Friendly?

  It’s a known fact that the amount of cars we have on our roads is bad for the environment. With climate-damaging fuel emissions and health polluting toxic gases, diesel cars will one day be a thing of the past. While countries such as Copenhagen are seeing the rise of …

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New Wave in Wireless Charging for Electric Cars

By Guest Blogger Rachel MacDonald Electric vehicle technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years, due to a high consumer interest in cutting fuel costs. Although electric cars were associated with clunky design and a functional rather than pleasurable driving experience in the past, this has all …

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MyCar All-Electric Vehicle From GreenTech Automotive

GreenTech Automotive (which has no connection to Green Tech Gazette, I swear) has unveiled its all electric MyCar, a two-seater with a range of up to 115 miles before needing a recharge. MyCar will bring 426 high paying jobs to its manufacturing plant in Mississippi. According to the press release, …

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EV Evolution- When Can the Masses Afford it?

By Guest Blogger Charlie Oszvald We all know the reasons to consider electric vehicles- they are energy efficient, do not run on gas, have minimal to no tailpipe emissions. But are electric vehicles affordable to the public, or are they luxury cars that are only available to the wealthy? Read …

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Nissan Leaf Quick Charger to Cost $9,900

I just got a press release in my email from Nissan about them teaming up with Sumitomo and AeroVironment to introduce a DC Quick Charger to the U. S. marketplace. I must say I was pretty excited at first. The charger is fast, as in 30 minutes or less to …

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Li Ion Wave II Bye Bye to Fuel

The winner of the $10 million Progressive Automotive X-Prize was the Li Ion Wave II electric car. The whole idea behind the Automotive X-Prize was to encourage green car builders to come up with a vehicle that uses less fuel, is something that is easy to commercialize and that people …

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Smart Charging Option for Electric Car Owners

One of the issues with a massive rollout of electric vehicle has been the question of how much this will tax the aging electrical grid. One possible solution that may help take the burden off during peak hours is smart charging. The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) has developed …

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Pininfarina B0 Electric Car to Rollout in 2010

The Pininfarina B0 Electric Car (that’s B Zero and not B. O. as in body odor) will start rolling out in 2010 to six European countries. In fact, the near bankrupt Pininfarina now plans to rollout 10,000 models that year plus 20,000 in 2011 and 30,000 in 2012. The Pininfarina …

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Shelby Ultimate Aero EV Supercar Unveiled

The Shelby Ultimate Aero EV Supercar has been unveiled along with some tantalizing details about this speed demon. Taking on the Tesla is no easy task, but the Shelby Aero EV reported can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in an amazing 2.5 seconds. This is not your father’s electric …

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