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Analyzes different models of electric bikes that are currently available plus those being researched.

Hy-Cycle Fuel Cell Bike Reveiw

Commuting is a big part of everyday life, whether by train, car, or bicycle. Many travelers look to find a greener and more environmentally friendly way to get from point A to point B, but find that cycling can sometimes be too difficult or tiring. Cue the fuel cell bike. …

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Electric Bikes for Cuba!

Viva los electric bikes! That’s the cry from Cuba as the newly founded President Raul Castro has lifted the ban on flat screen TV’s, microwave ovens, DVD players, electric bikes and other electronic items. The new lift on formerly restricted electronics is seen as progressive movement in Cuba and a …

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Ikoo Electric Scooter

The Ikoo Electric Scooter is a funky little ride that looks like it would be equally adept at cracking walnuts or could be easily rigged to have an ejector seat. But, even though the Ikoo is high on funk it is also high on performance as well. Made out of …

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Matra MS1

The French-made Matra MS1 human electric hybrid vehicle is much more that just another electric bike. This light electric vehicle can travel 62 miles on batteries alone with a top speed limited to 30 mph so that one doesn’t have to get a motorcycle driver’s license to operate it. In …

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