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Outlines information on eco celebrities including notable environmentalists who make the news with their green activities.

Al Gore on 30 Rock Green Week Episode Tonight

Former Vice-President, Nobel Prize winner, Academy Award winner and all around green guy (someone of prominence just had to replace Ed Begley, Jr.) Al Gore will appear on TV show 30 Rock tonight. Every year NBC-TV runs a promotion called “Green Week” heightening awareness of environmental and energy saving issues …

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How Green Do Eco Celebrities Have to Be?

How green do eco celebrities have to be? There is an expectation in this culture that if celebrities talk the talk, then they must walk the walk and do so to the Nth degree. In fact, some people hold extreme viewpoints that eco celebrities all need to be clones of …

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George Clooney Goes Green with Swatch

The Billionaire CEO of the Swiss Swatch Corporation has chosen George Clooney as an executive board member of its newest renewable energy company. Chairman Nicolas Hayek chose Clooney over Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, who was also in the running. Hayek feared asking Gore to join the board since …

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Al Gore Nobel Bore

Pardon the crude language, but I just love Al Gore. Love, love, love. Not in a gay or even a man-crush way, but rather in a Kumbaya ma brother kind of way. Al Gore has gone from stuffed shirt to almost President to Academy Award winner and now to winner …

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