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Offers information about biodiesel fuel including production, distribution and the vehicles that use this form of energy.

Biodiesel Production by Microalgae

By Guest Blogger Wilson Yeo Biodiesel is fast emerging as a viable option in powering vehicles as reducing the impact of anthropogenic activities on the environment takes center stage. Together with bioethanol and biogas, biodiesel form part of the biomass fuels that could form one of the array of replacements …

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Making Biodiesel At Home

Making biodiesel at home is becoming mainstreamed since the price of regular diesel fuel in some parts of the country (such as California) has toppled the $5 per gallon mark. Many environmentalists, frugal types and those who like to experiment have been making biodiesel at home in the past, but …

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Hawaiian Algae Shells Out BioDiesel

Sally sells algae by the seashore. Or does she? Actually, Sally works for Shell Oil Company and will be heavily involved in farming algae on the shores of Hawaii that will in turn create biodiesel for cars and trucks. Shell has teamed up with HR Biopetroleum, Inc. in a joint …

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Biodiesel Making a Comeback

Biodiesel is making a comeback as many people have a renewed interest in cleaning up the environment and ending our dependence upon foreign fossil fuels. But, while Willie Nelson may be going broke pedaling his BioWillie like a traveling medicine man in the Old West, other vendors are starting to …

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