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Features alternative energy companies, news and practical applications to the consumer.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Green Tech

Green energy is great, and it’s taken us long enough. But finally we can have and use various methods for capturing energy both at home and at your business. However, with the advent of green technology also comes the sometimes tricky maintenance required to keep them working. Here you can …

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Google Cars and Wind Turbine Project

Google’s gone green. Everyone on the Internet should know this by now. As part of their Going Green at Google Initiative the world’s most popular search engine company has installed solar panels on top of their Mountain View, California campus and promoted plug-in hybrid vehicles. But, this week there are …

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Cap and Trade Bill Passes House

On Friday, June 26, 2009 the U. S. House of Representatives narrowly passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, which some are calling the “Cap and Trade Bill.” So, what this means is that there will be a cap on how much pollution such as coal-fired power …

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Solar Panels on the White House or Just Wind?

It’s no secret that President Obama’s new stimulus program offers major incentives for the solar and wind industries. Also included in the package are plans to conserve energy at government offices throughout the nation by adding insulation, CFL bulbs and hybrid vehicles. And, District of Columbia officials have just announced …

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Home Energy Generation Piquing Public Interest

With the rising cost of oil, gas, natural gas and other fossil fuels and the design for energy independence many, over the years have gone off-grid or partially off-grid in order to take back power from the power companies. Wind and solar energy is particularly appealing to people as a …

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