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Geneco Bio Bug Biogas Car Full of Crap

If you want to talk about a car that is full of crap then let’s talk about the Bio-Bug by Geneco. The makers claim the converted VW Bug runs of methane biogas that comes from the local UK waste-water treatment plants.

Right on the side of the car it says, “Powered By Your Waste” and what this means is when 70 people flush their toilets, this is enough to power this Beetle Juice bug for around 10,000 miles (of course if there were a way to hook the human hiney up to the gas tank directly from flatulence to tank this would be even better).

The British 2-liter 114 mph gas bomb will take advantage of just a little of the 18 million cubic meters of biogas produced locally each year. Now many people have yearned to have a car run on water for years.

In addition, there have been countless jokes about cars being able to run on human gas. The reasoning is that if college students can drink beer and light their farts on fire, then why can we not power an automobile this way as well?

Well, the Bio-Bug has turned a crappy little Beetle into a crap-eating biogas Bug that ironically put out few tailpipe emissions, being cleaner than a gasoline or diesel power car or truck. So, this little gas bomb helps recycle human waste while putting very little pollution into the air.

I know that I sound like I’m full of crap but you can read the article I’ve linked to for yourself.

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