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Biodiesel Making a Comeback

Biodiesel is making a comeback as many people have a renewed interest in cleaning up the environment and ending our dependence upon foreign fossil fuels. But, while Willie Nelson may be going broke pedaling his BioWillie like a traveling medicine man in the Old West, other vendors are starting to prosper.

In fact, while BioWillie facilities have been closing, a number of other distributors have been opening across the U. S. landscape. A robust list of biodiesel fueling sites and map may be found through the Biodiesel.org website.

Also, if you don’t wish to drive your diesel vehicle to the nearest fueling station or have grown tired of circling the nearest fast food restaurant hoping to get a fresh batch of French fry oil there is another option. Some companies like OC Biodiesel will deliver 5 gallon containers or 55 gallon drums right to your doorstep.

Some of the biodiesel vendors are even starting to offer blends that combine a percentage of biodiesel with petroleum such as B20 (20-percent biodiesel and 80-percent petroleum). The U. S. Department of Energy is predicting a 2000-percent growth of the use of biodiesel over the next 5 years.

With any luck, perhaps Willie Nelson will be able to stick it out that long, turn that frown upside down and finally turn a profit from the renewed interest in renewable biodiesel fuel.

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