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MiniPak from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Means Power

Some people have theorized that the Hydrogen Economy would start in the small electronics marketplace and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has now done its part to make sure this dream is coming true.

The Horizon MiniPak is a portable, reusable electronics charger that is based upon hydrogen technology. One simply inserts a HydroStik cartridge into the MiniPak and in a moment, the light comes on and the device is ready to dispense electricity through a USB connection to any device that uses this connection.

This means that laptops, cell phones, digital cameras and the like can all be run off the MiniPak. And like a battery, when the HydroStik runs dry, you simply pop in a new one. For the environmentalists who want to go the extra mile to save on energy, Horizon has also introduced the HydroFill home personal hydrogen station.

Horizon is calling this “disruptive technology” and if you watch the video, you’ll see why. The Horizon MiniPak will compete directly with the myriad of batteries on the market that don’t have as long of life and are not nearly as versatile.

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