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From Detroit Automakers to Michigan Battery Makers?

On August 5, the Obama Administration awarded a $2.4 billion grant for development of advanced battery technology. Michigan will be one of the largest recipients of this money gaining an approximate 50-percent share of the federal bucks.

Companies like A123Systems, Compact Power, KD Advanced Battery Group, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler will all get a slice of the battery budget pie. The idea is to build or retool other plants for the creation of advanced batteries such as the new generation of lithium ions.

In Michigan the plan is to open four separate battery plants the employ at least 6,800 workers, which will help in gaining state tax credits of $555 million. Some of the cities that will be considered for battery plants include Livonia, Pontiac, Troy and Holland, Michigan.

I’ve personally been to Holland, Michigan as a kid and remember a big windmill and inside they were selling wooden shoes. It’s a sign of the times that this city would progress from wooden shoes to advanced lithium ion battery technology.

Some of the new cars that will benefit from these new advanced battery plants include the Chevy Volt, a 2011 yet to be named Buick plug-in, a Ford plug-in and several Chrysler plug-in electric vehicles.

So, out of work, Detroit automakers take heart as in the near future, jobs will be coming to Michigan in the area of advanced battery technology. And, the cars you’re making them for won’t be your father’s automobile.

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